Tamil University

Understanding the importance of Tamil as a language, the Government of Tamil Nadu established Tamil University on September 1981. The seed of the University was however, sowed way back in 1925 during a confluence of veteran Tamil scholars at Thanjavur. However, the plan of establishing a Tamil University only materialised in 1981 and Thanjavur was chosen as the desired location as it was the seat of Tamil language during Chola dynasty. The University Grants Commission accorded a statutory recognition to the university in 1983 and advanced study in various other allied branches such as Linguistics, Translation, Lexicography, Music, Drama and Manuscriptology.

But this pure research-oriented University introduced academic research by offering M.Phil and Ph.D programmes in 1992 for a few disciplines such as Language, Literature, Translation, Sculpture, History and Architecture. Post graduate programmes was included in June 2003.

Vision of Tamil University

  • To analyze and identify the contribution of Tamil culture to the mosaic of Indian Culture
  • To reconstruct and revive the scientific thoughts, intellectual achievements and the outstanding industrial knowledge of the ancient Tamils for the use of the contemporary society.
  • To study the grammatical and linguistic theories of Tamil language. To study the structure of Tamil language and the potentiality of Tamil Language. To create modern methods for language teaching.
  • To translate rare books of Tamil into other languages and vice versa. To preserve and publish Tamil inscriptions, palm-leaf manuscripts, rare-paper manuscripts and rare books.
  • To publish encyclopedias related to literature, grammar, science and technical glossary and Philosophy in Tamil.
  • To recover and publish the lost cultural components of Tamil and the historical monuments through systematic research.
  • To facilitate research on the cultural impacts of the Tamil Diaspora and the foreign relations of Tamizhakam.

Departments of Tamil University

Faculty of Arts
  • Department of Sculpture
  • Department of Music
  • Department of Drama
Faculty of Manuscriptology
  • Department of Palmleaf Manuscripts
  • Department of Rare Paper Manuscripts
  • Department of Epigraphy And Archaeology
  • Department of Maritime History and Marine Archaeology
Faculty of Developing Tamil
  • Department of Tamil Studies in Foreign Countries
  • Department of Translation
  • Department of Lexicography
  • Department of Social Sciences
  • Department of Scientific Tamil and Tamil Development
  • Department of Education and Management
Faculty of Language
  • Department of Literature
  • Department of Linguistics
School of Philosophy
  • Department of Tribal Research
  • Department of Folklore
  • Department of School of Indian Languages & Comparative Literature
Faculty of Science
  • Department of Siddha Medicine
  • Department of Ancient Science
  • Department of Industries and Earth Sciences
  • Department of Architecture
  • Department of Computer Science
  • Department of Environmental and Herbal Science
  • Department of Library and Information Science

Academic Programs in Tamil University

Post Graduate Programs 
  • M.A. Tamil Literature
  • M.A. Tamil
  • M.A. History, Art & Culture
  • M.A. Applied Linguistics.
  • M.A. Temple administration, Tourism & Philosophy
  • M.A. History and Archeology
  • M.A. Tamilology, Folklore & Culture
  • M.A. Yoga
  • M.A. Music
  • M.A. Bharathanatiyam
  • M.A. Applied Tamilology
  • M.A. Social Science
  • M.A. Tamilology & History of Editing
  • M.Sc. Environmental Science
  • M.Sc. Geology
  • M.Sc. Computer Science
  • M.Sc. Mathematics
  • M.S.W
  • MLIS
  • MCA
  • M.Ed
  • B.Ed
Research Degrees
  • M.Phil and PhD. Programmes under all departments
Diploma Courses
  • Saiva Siddantham
  • Yoga
  • Performing Arts
  • Computer Applications
P.G. Diploma Courses
  • Herbal Bio-Technology
  • Environmental Management
  • Siddha Drug Standardization
  • Translation
Post Diploma Courses
  • Play Creation
  • Agarathiyiyal
  • Certificate Courses
  • Music
  • Telugu Language
  • Internet Language
Contact Details

Tamil University, Thanjavur
Tamil Nadu – 613010

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