Forest College and Research Institute Tamil Nadu

The Forest College and Research Institute (FC & RI) is located at Mettupalayam in Jakanari Reserved Forest, about 40 km north of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU) main campus, Coimbatore. It is situated over a sprawling expanse of 200 ha of reserved forest, located of the foothills of Nilgiris on the Kotagiri road.  

Mandate of FC & RI


To impart education in forestry to students and produce able forest administrators and self-sustaining entrepreneurs.


To undertake research on basic and applied aspects of forestry and to evolve technologies to enhance forest productivity.


To impart training and to offer consultancy to tree farmers non-government organization and departmental functionaries.

Mettupalayam - Kotagiri road, Odanthurai R.F., Tamil Nadu 641301
Phone: 04254 222 010

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